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The Opportunity

"AI has created a brand new opportunity for creators, and a first mover advantage for those who get in at the ground floor. Those with the creativity and initiative to explore this new medium will find it very rewarding."

- JP, CEO of Pixie Page

How it Works

Create your own AI character fan page complete with AI-generated pictures and an AI chatbot to respond to messages. Gain followers, sell subscriptions to your page, and earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Pixie Page better than OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is not the ideal platform for AI-generated content. They require their content creators to post real pictures involving themselves, not AI-generated content. Instead, Pixie Page is built from the ground up to be the best platform for AI-generated content, with an audience that likes AI (and internal promotion of your content among that audience), a built-in picture generator, and an AI chatbot for your characters so they can reply with pictures as well as text. It's why some are calling PixiePage the OnlyFans of AI.

How do creators get paid?

Whenever someone pays for a subscription or sends gems to a creator, paid creators in our creator program earn money. This amount is eligible for payout to the creator after 30 days. Any chargebacks, refunds, or site errors will not be eligible for payout to the creator. See the Terms of Service for more details.

How can I generate my own AI artwork?

There are various websites and programs you can use to generate your own AI artwork. We also have an AI picture generator built in to our website.

What types of pictures can I have on my profile?

Any picture that's allowed by our terms of service is allowed. We prohibit various categories (for example, cannibalism-related content) or content involving minors. We do not allow real life pictures to be uploaded on monetizing profiles, although non-monetizing profiles may upload their own real life pictures, for example as their profile picture, so long as it does not involve adult or suggestive content. See the Terms of Service or FAQ page for more information.